About WWFStats.com

At this site, we track games and produce statistics for players. The data is all input from players who are enthusiastic about Words With Friends and like to find new challengers to see how they rank.

How Does It Work?

Once a player is registered and has confirmed their registration, they can enter games.

On the full site, players are presented with a form for entering game data with the option of uploading a screenshot.

Add New Game
On the mobile site, players are presented with similar form. Mobile browsers do now allow uploading files at this time so screenshots cannot be added from the mobile site.

Add New Game

As more games are added by a player or their opponents, their statistics will grow. Their game screen will show their statistics and well as all of their games. Wins are highlighted in yellow and screenshots can be viewed by placing the mouse over the screenshot icons next to each game. Each game is given and unique id number for reference in case of errors and duplicates.

On the full site, the players stats and games will be listed beside each other on the same screen.

Player Games

On the mobile site, the data is broken out into separate screens.

In addition to the individual stats, registered players are ranked against all players that have at least 5 opponents. This ranking is updated every 5 minutes and snapshots are taken at the end of each day.